What we do

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We have six main areas of work:

  •  Assistance to victims of domestic violence in procuring justice and healing
  •  Support of local solidarity groups, including our embroidery group described below
  •  Accompaniment of women who participate in the local government
  •  Sexual and reproductive education and provision of family planning services.
  •  Maintenance of a local library to support conscientization and the full exercise of citizenship.
  • Applied research projects on urgent themes including material mortality and adolescent pregnancy

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Collective embroidery

ADEMKAN has implemented collective embroidery groups to provide victims of domestic violence spaces of solidarity allowing them to strengthen and appropriate their own lives. This occurs as our hands dance together with different colors and figures, each one of us supported by the other. As we embroider together, we recognize our power to awaken our dreams perhaps smothered by the darkness of gender violence. Here, we share with each other our lives as indigenous women.