ADEMKAN is a non profit organization of indigenous Maya women in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. ADEMKAN stands for Asociación de Desarrollo de la Mujer K’ak’a Na’oj. In Spanish and in the Kaqchikel Maya language is means the association for the development of women and new thought.

The purpose of our organization is to be a representative political, social and legal entity to protect and enhance the rights of women, and to contribute to a culture of peace and participatory democracy in our nation and world. We endeavor to make the current realities of women in Sololá seen by their society and state in order to secure their socioeconomic and political rights.

Our vision is for women to be included in political and sociocultural spaces and involved in the formation of public policies to improve their lives. We do this through multiethnic and multilingual training programs and social projects responding to real and felt needs in indigenous communities in Guatemala.

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